VBL Project

firefox-gray VBL is a numerical model of tumour growth.

It was developed by a collaboration between the Universities of Trieste and Verona, with the purpose to study tumor in the pre-diagnosis stage, when the diameter is typically smaller than 2 mm and the tumor is avascular. A deeper understanding of tumor evolution at this early stage can provide important insights in our fight against the cancer.


Latest paper

E. Milotti, S. Stella, and R. Chignola: "Pulsation-limited oxygen diffusion in the tumour microenvironment", accepted for publication in Scientific Reports (2016).

Conference news

hpcs2014 The 2014 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation - Bologna

Exploiting the power of GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) for VBL is the new challenge in our software development scheme. The implementation of a new parallel algorithm to manage the topology of the cell cluster was presented by Sabrina Stella at the workshop: "International Workshop on High Performance Computing Systems for Bioinformatics and Life Sciences". (more...)